HyperGrid Webinar How and Why to Containerize Your Legacy Applications
Agile IT: it is far easier to say than to implement. But data centers need to make the move to Agile IT so their organizations can survive the digital transformation. At the heart of these efforts are modern DevOps environments that leverage container technology to create applications that are mobile and scale, up or down, as demand requires. The problem is most data centers also have legacy, not containerized, applications that are inflexible and immobile. The combination of a burgeoning DevOps Infrastructure and Legacy Applications is called “bi-modal IT” but it is not ideal.

Listen as experts from Storage Switzerland and HyperGrid discuss new alternatives to bi-modal IT that allow organizations to containerize legacy applications to create a completely agile data center. In this on demand webinar you will learn:

-What are Containers
-Why Should You Containerize Legacy Apps
-What are the Challenges of Moving Legacy Apps To Containers
-How to Overcome Container Challenges