Whitepaper: Automated, Self-Service Provisioning of Virtual Machines with HyperCloudâ„¢

This whitepaper walks through the automated, self-service provisioning of virtual machines to speed up application deployment and simplify ongoing management; all while benefiting from the scale and performance of HyperCloud

With the move towards digital transformation, many organizations are looking to achieve business agility by speeding up the delivery of infrastructure and application services. While the move towards automating provisioning workflows may seem like an obvious step that should be adopted by IT teams, many organizations are reluctant to make drastic changes to the existing processes without understanding the impacts first 

In the absence of automated workflows, IT organizations find themselves stuck with manual processes that result in long waits experienced by end users, rising operational expenses, inconsistent infrastructure, and overall dissatisfaction by business users. 

The Move Towards Digital Transformation 

Many organizations are looking to deliver applications to enable new business opportunities. The reliance on new applications to drive competitive advantage increases the risk for organizations that may not have the right technology, processes or expertise to drive such initiatives. The search for speed in the software supply chain, fueled by agile methodologies and DevOps practices, has put a tremendous pressure on IT organizations to deliver services to developers faster while enforcing security and governance. The long waits experienced by business end users often result in IT losing control as the business turns to unsanctioned infrastructure as a faster alternative, at the expense of security, governance, and visibility.