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HyperCloud enables you to containerize existing applications on-the-fly and deploy applications to the best fit environment, whether on-premises, hosted, or in the public cloud.


*The Fine Print:

30 day on-site evaluation: HyperGrid will provide on-site or managed computing service using HyperCloud for up to 100 containers with 2GB container space,  or VM / bare metal computing capacity.  HyperGrid and the customer will jointly set success goals and select appropriate workloads for the 30 day trial.   HyperGrid and customer will review performance vs. goals at the end of 30 days.  Customers completing the 30 day trial will be entered to win a year’s free on-site or managed service as defined below.  Other terms are defined below

One year on-premise service offer:: A winner will be selected from all companies who complete the 30-day evaluation within each calendar quarter.  HyperGrid will announce a winner at the end of Q2 or after trial completion whichever occurs later.  HyperGrid will provide the winner a managed computing service up to 100 containers or medium size VMs.  Other terms are defined below

Provisions for both 30-day and one year: Open to attendees at select HyperGrid events in H1 2017 including DockerCon who obtain an invitation to this promotion at the event and use correct code.  Company must not be a competitor of HyperGrid, Inc.  HyperGrid will support usage in any customer location or supported MSP facility in the Continental United States; at its discretion other locations will be supported.  Medium sized VMs are defined by HyperGrid’s internal practices.  HyperCloud will also include HyperForm software enabling the customer to manage applications based in supported public clouds.  HyperCloud’s on-premise service includes provision of server equipment including integrated networking.  The customer is responsible for power, cooling, rack, bandwidth and other necessary services.  The customer provides additional software required beyond the HyperCloud offering including operating system, application software and other programs needed.  HyperGrid will provide HG Assurance Standard support (8am-6pm phone and email support, with next day shipment for RMA).  HyperGrid provides management capability via the HyperVue and HyperForm interfaces.  The customer is responsible for other management, operations and administrative activities required to operate HyperCloud.   No claims, representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, are made by HyperGrid as to the  reliability, durability and performance of our companies' products as part of this offer.  Furthermore, our company accepts no liability whatsoever for the reliability, durability and performance of any of our companies' products as part of this offer.